Canada Spas Depot 100% dedicated to pleasure and well-being!

Canada Spas Depot 100% dedicated to pleasure and well-being! Since January 2014, Canada Spas Depot, one of the largest distributors of spas in Canada, has a new owner.

Its aim is to offer the most comprehensive range of spas offered at the best prices in its huge warehouse store in Laval.

« It's been over 25 years since I worked in the field of spa, says Claude Lalumiere new owner. It is for this reason that I had all the legitimacy to take the brand and support to new horizons.»


14 000 pi2 of stock - spas -  covers!

The number one strength of Canada Spas Depot, is the wide variety of its offer.   

« In our new location at 2040 South Laval (A-440) in Laval West, we have 2 x 7000 ft2 surface dedicated to the spa, including chemicals for maintenance of spas. We also have a water analysis and trained staff offers the service free water analysis laboratory. This allows us to offer to the principle of warehouse store hundreds of products at the best prices from sixty renowned manufacturers. We include here only importers of Asian brand JNJ Spa ( Also, we are authorized dealer of the famous range of Bullfrog Spas ( »



Turnkey solutions - spas 

Spas to swim spas base through spas that plug into 110V,, you will find there the solution that suits you.  

« Especially because we are among the only market to offer a turnkey service, says Lalumiere. Indeed, we can install the spa at you from A to Z until it started. Our consultants take the time to explain to our customers the proper functioning of their new purchase home spa.»

In addition, the company has five trucks on the road at all times for all types of repairs of all types of spa. « This is a real peace of mind for the consumer to know that we are always there when needed. »


First on accessories Finally, Canada Spas Depot offers all the accessories and all cleaning products available for all spas solutions.

« We have such a great reputation in the covered spa standard type and customized. Come and meet us! »


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